Johnson's Wax

Gathered around the Pool of Industry, 45 pavilions offer spectacles, stage shows, architectural wonders, and a glittering testimonial to America's industrial strength.  The hundreds of companies represented in this area, comprising a rough cross section of the nation's economy, have put on display as wide a range of products as have ever been assembled for a fair.*

Coca-Cola. The visitor to this exhibit samples five of the most spectacular places in the world, from an Alpine peak to a tropical forest - complete with sights, sounds, climate, and aromas. The scenes are created in an eliptical building two stories high enclosing a large court. In the center of the court is the Coca-Cola Tower, a three-sided 120-foot spire containing the world's largest electronic carillon, with 610 bells.  It strikes the hours at the Fair and is played in concerts by famous carillonneurs.*

Johnson's Wax.  This pavilion, a great gold disk which seems to float 24 feet above the ground, is supported by its surrounding columns.  It houses a 500-seat theater in which a documentary movie dramatizes the theme of brotherhood.  An exhibition at ground level offers a climbing contraption for the entertainment of children, a home care information center and a shoeshine center that provides free shines.

*Official Guidebook Information - Official Guide New York World's Fair 1964/1965 (c.1964 Time Inc.)

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